First Medical School Break!

It has been awesome to have two weeks off from school for Christmas! (Even if it is only a pretend break since I still have to study…)

I have been able to spend lots of time with the famsquad, catch up on all my tv shows, make some crafts, and hit the gym hard.

We all looked super cute for our gift exchange on Christmas Eve.


As always, I received tons of super unique and creative gifts for our Secret Santa!


We rocked our matching long johns for Santa’s presents on Christmas morning where I was super spoiled by my mom and dad with lots of awesome Christmas gifts! No worries guys, I’ll remember you when I’m a rich doctor




Since we had our usual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, there were a bunch of beer bottles hanging out and so I’ve been checking out the Pinterest boards for cute winter crafts to make from them. I’ve seen some super cute snowman ones that I’m going to try out to decorate my apartment in the city. I’ll update on how my version turns out:


Officially almost a DOCTOR!

This monday was my first day of med school!!

I still can’t believe that I was even accepted to med school. And now I’ve already finished my first full week of classes and had my first quiz! It’s still completely crazy to me.

Orientation was long and boring. But I did meet some cool people. Now not like Sasha, Shelly, Anjani level but maybe I’ll find some of that level soon. They had a bunch of awesome events for us throughout the week and an awesome formal at the Mutter Museum! Being the science nerd that I am, I thought it was the greatest thing ever.


 Last friday, we had our white coat ceremony!!

I was dying from my sinus infection, unfortunately. It was so exciting to be receiving our coats.


I wore the bracelet Shelly gave to me for being accepted into med school!!

IMG_8544IMG_8550 IMG_8552Then I had the first week of med school! It was crazy busy. I think it will be okay though. Hopefully, I end up still having enough time to get my exercise routines in and all my tv shows (even if I can’t watch them live). I took a break this week to watch the first episode of Please Like Me season 2 and it was absolutely worth the year wait for the show to return for just 6 more episodes. Josh Thomas just kills me – his humor is the best.

We started dissecting our cadaver on day three of school! I LOVE IT. Minus the fact that our body is SO FAT. LIKE hardly fits on the table obese. LIKE had 3 inches of fat on the upper back! Got compliments on my dissection skills so that was fantastic! Future surgeon here; move over Sasha!

Finished off the week with a welcome back party at the Academy of Natural Sciences. It was time to party with the dinosaurs!

 IMG_8607 IMG_8608IMG_8606 IMG_8611

Champion hoggers, okay joggers

After being accepted to med school in mid June I’ve been attempting to jam pack July with awesome events, daily crafting, tons of TV shows, and loads of new recipes!!

Yesterday we decided to ring national ice cream day in with a bang at the third annual Uncle Dave’s Jog ‘n Hog. This event is only for the crazies with a 2 mile run followed by a quart of ice cream followed by another 2 miles to the finish line. Well the quart is only for the champs who go for the whole hogger division over the half hogger where you just eat a pint.



I’ve been wanting to do this race since missing the sign ups last year so let’s just say I was super pumped. It may have been a killer for a non runner like myself but I can easily down a quart of ice cream. I finished the whole thing in around 53 minutes which I don’t think is too bad for my first try. Hopefully next year I can get that closer to 45 minutes! Then maybe I’ll get a sticker saying



P.S. the sticker says the pig beat me

Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Gluten Free Dairy Free Cookies… who am I?

Today at work it was Haley’s birthday and she’s gluten free so I couldn’t make one of my typical treats so I decided to try out this recipe! It’s actually pretty delicious the cookies are super fudgey and super chocolatey!!


Here’s what you need:

  • 4oz of baking chocolate
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 cups confectioners sugar
  • 1/2 cup of chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat to 350f cook for 12-15 minutes or until puffy and cracked.

First melt your chocolate. Then you want to beat your egg whites to a peak while the chocolate is cooling down. mix 1 cup of confectioners sugar into the egg whites. (Now I accidentally used regular granulated sugar for that part and they still turned out delicious!) Time to prepare the dry mixture: wisk 1 cup of confectioners sugar, 1/2 cup of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Once blended blend the dry mixture and melted chocolate into the marshmallow looking egg mixture. Once it is blended the dough will be really firm and sticky at this point throw in your cup of chocolate chips! It’s time to bake them – spray your pan first since the mixture has no butter or oil!!! Make little balls of dough roll in powdered sugar – bake and enjoy!







Last weekend I went to a sheep’s birthday party.

No joke. It was actually a really fun time. My mom’s friends Cindy and Chris have pretty much their own little petting zoo filled with sheep, goats, chicken, cats and dogs. The sheep are super adorable and act like little puppies. I got to help sheer a sheep and then we sang happy birthday and fed Bob the sheep some animal crackers! They are his favorite.. how cute!





Oh hey, my cousin had a shotgun wedding

Right before thanksgiving, she starts sending us all these snapchats and telling us about how her boyfriend is coming to thanksgiving dinner. He shows up for Thanksgiving and as Janey so perfectly put it he’s one of those people that really doesn’t add anything to the table. He’s fine but the day would have been equally fun without him, ya know? Alright so we meet him at Thanksgiving. Then he goes back home to Georgia and next thing we hear he’s coming for Christmas now. A couple days before Christmas, they get engaged but she never tells me… So they come to Christmas and peace out really early. We then ask her brother about them and when they started dating.. He goes back before his family moved to Georgia they’ve been dating for about 5 years now. ALRIGHT LETS STOP RIGHT THERE…. In the summer she was obsessed with this one guy from the gym and wanted us to come check him out so she could potentially date him. The story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I don’t hear from her after Christmas. Doesn’t respond to my snaps, doesn’t want to hit the gym or anything so I’m figuring it’s probably because we didn’t make a big enough deal at Christmas or whatever. Then this week my mom sends a group text to my sisters and I saying BIG SECRET NEWS GUESS WHAT? and these guesses are cray cray. I guessed that someone was getting married or preggo. BAM NAILED THAT ONE!

and now the wedding…


The wedding was actually really nice and the food was amazing. I was quite a fan of the buffet and ate three huge plates full of food. When I was getting my second plate of food the waiter told me to hold on that he was going to bring me out a fresh batch of penne… Clearly someone knows the way to my heart LOL. the biggest disappointment was the desserts THEY WERE AWFUL!


Lou: “this one looks great!” aka never let Lou take the pictures without his glasses on LOL

Before the wedding I spent some time in the park enjoying the beautiful spring day where the most precious wedding party was taking some pictures. They truly lucked out with the weather because it could have been an awful day with tons and tons of snow.

For the wedding I decided to go with my black leather pencil skirt and a gold lace crop shirt – however because I’m so short it ended up not being so much of a crop which probably made it more acceptable for a wedding anyway. And I paired that with my vera wang heals and mellie bianco initial bag! When Sam Champion said on GMA that it was a perfect stocking stuffer obviously I had to have one!





Alfredo Sauce

Yesterday I found a super easy Alfredo sauce recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it out for dinner since I already had all the ingredients. I personally love chicken brocolli and pasta with alfredo sauce. This recipe was perfect since it didn’t even involve any heavy cream. I changed up the ingredients a bit and here’s what I did!

All you need:

  • 1 package of cream cheese
  • 1/2 stick of butter
  • 2 cups of milk
  • garlic power
  • pepper
  • shredded cheese



It super simple to make. Just melt the stick of butter in a pan, add in the cream cheese (I found it melts fastest if you cut it into cubes before throwing it into the pan) and milk periodically as you whisk the mixture. Once that is whisked smooth add in your shredded cheese. Now typically Alfredo sauce is made with Parmesan cheese; however, I only had Mozarella and Pecarino Romano so I used that and it was still pretty great! Continue to heat and stir until the sauce arrives at your desired thickness. Pour over pasta and your dinner is ready to enjoy!


What am I supposed to do with my life now?

So the Olympics are over and now I have no idea what I’m supposed to do after work now. It’s basically all I’ve been doing in my free time the last two weeks. I could absolutely care less about keeping up with football or baseball but when the Olympics are on I can tell you about everything! And I love Johnny Weir and Apollo. One of my favorite things is to send Olivia the ridiculous things that they say on the broadcast you that you catch on tumblr. Guess I’m going to have to find new things to send her now that my entertainment is over…

Here are some of my favorites:

  • First off, Your DalyNitro Vlog is hysterical and makes you love John Daly and Steve Langton even more.

  • That the curling team of Norway had a fashion crisis and ended up losing the match because of that. If you don’t find their pants the best thing ever then you just suck at life…
  • The Jamaican Bobsled Song
  • The Netherland fans doing the congo after they won the first set of medals in the mens speedskating…  unfortunately I don’t have a video but I really hope you caught that moment as well 
  • THIS
  • The fact that the driver for the Dutch bobsled team is not only has a phD BUT just published a paper in the BMJ in January! Could she really be any more awesome?! I think not. Esme Kamphuis is killing it at life!
  • And clearly Gus Kenworthy is the most adorable thing ever. Look at all his puppies he took home awwww


  • And this picture of the iceskating pair hahah

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.02.46 PM

Valentine’s Day Packages!

February 14th is quickly approaching so it was time to put together packages for my sisters away at college! Earlier this week we mailed them a package filled with decorations for their room. Now it was time to put together a package to arrive on the 13th so they will have presents to open on Valentine’s Day. We decided to check out walmart and see what they had to put with the cute stuff we found at the dollar store and TJMaxx this weekend! In the end we managed to put together really adorable packages for about $20 each.

Our dollar store finds


The plastic wine glasses were adorable and perfect to mail because we don’t have to worry about them breaking!


IMG_6771We also picked up these glass ones from the dollar store too so we can fill them with candy and give it to them with heart earrings on valentines day.


And some balloons, stickers, and other nonsense just because they are fun.





We also hit TJMaxx where we picked up these adorable coffee travel mugs.


At Walmart

we ended up finding a bunch of cute shirts with the most expensive being $5 so we picked them up a tank top and sweat shirt



We also love coloring so we grabbed these window clings for 97¢ that you color in before you put them up! What a perfect study break!!


I hope they enjoy their surprises!!